This page contains links to each researched piece I’ve written for the blog.

Disclaimer: When you are first diagnosed with depression, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many different types of medications and therapies that can treat depression. I am not a doctor and I will not claim anything other than a basic understanding of medicine. I am just trying to set down a basic understanding for everyone.

If you have questions about medications, therapies or treatments, please talk your doctor.

  1.  Depression: A Clinical Definition 
  2.  The Causes of Depression 
  3.  Forms of Depression 
  4.  Being Diagnosed
  5.  Medication
  6.  Therapies for Depression
  7.  DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  8.  DBT: The Skills
  9.  “Hey! How are you?”
  10. Outpatient Treatment Center
  11. Mental Health Awareness Month
  12. Self-Soothing
  13. Coping Skills
  14. Alternative Medications & Therapies
  15. What Are Emotions?
  16. Acceptance
  17. Change: A Clinical Definition
  18. Personality
  19. Personality Disorders
  20. Validation and Why It Can Be A Problem
  21. Automatic Thoughts
  22. How to Deal With Being Mentally Ill Part 1
  23. How to Deal With Being Mentally Ill Part 2

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