Mission Statement

Hello. My name is Talia. I am a female in her early 20s and I suffer from severe depression. My hope is to promote education, tolerance, progress, awareness and understanding towards depression, through this blog.

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago and some days, I feel like nothing has changed between then and now. I want to tell you my story. I need to tell you my story. I want you to understand, those of you with depression, that you’re not alone. This is something I still struggle with. And I want you to understand, those of you without it, how you can help and what it’s like to have depression.

I want you, friends and family, to gain an understanding and acceptance that there are times, I can’t help the way I feel and how I act. That it’s not something I can just change with positive thinking.

I want you, those with depression, to know that you are not alone, despite how you feel and what your brain is telling you. There are people who know how you feel, want to help, and want to help you get better.

I hope you’ll follow along as I tell my story and as I try to explain how depression works. Please realize that depression is not the same for everyone. People react differently to depression just as they do in life. With this blog, I hope to provide understanding, hope and support as well as attempting to make a difference.

Please contact me at talia.malon@gmail.com or adaptfordepression@gmail.com, if you have any questions, or comments.

Thank you.


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