Expressive Therapy – Kite

In this exercise, we had to draw ourselves as a kite. The line was to be what was holding us back, the ribbon was to show our support system and we were also told to draw the environment in which our kite was in. Expressive Therapy Hopefully you can tell that according to my kite, there are light and dark places within me. My ribbon is bright and colorful because my support system is cheering for me. The line is held by me and symbolizes that I am holding myself back from what I could become. The environment is dark and cloudy and it looks like my kite is heading for a tree but you can also see the sun peeking out in the corner. I was hoping to show the light and the dark that pushes and pulls at me and my life.


One thought on “Expressive Therapy – Kite

  1. […] Day 10: I was informed by my group therapist that I’m getting a secondary gain by being in group therapy. Secondary gain can be defined as benefits received by not overcoming a problem. Secondary gains are problematic because while they make you feel better, they aren’t helping you fix the root problem. I was also told that I need to have ‘Pinterest thinking’. Pinterest is all about uniqueness, and I need to remember that I am like a pinterest board. I am unique. I need to use “I am” statements, but nothing is really going to help me until I decide to ‘flip the switch’ and do the things I’m being taught. We also had expressive therapy where we had to draw a picture of ourselves as a kite. It was a fun project, and you can view the picture here. […]


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